Justin Bieber’s Egg-Throwing Damage Could Cost $100,000

Justin Bieber could not only face serious charges in the Egg-gate scandal heard around the world, but he may have to also pony up even more cash than what was originally estimated by police if he’s found culpable.

“The neighbors aren’t 100 percent sure they can actually do the repair to the house,” a source tells Celebuzz.

“The low estimate is $20,000 just for the repair. But they may have to replace the damaged wood and brick, which could cost $70,000 to $100,000.”

Police in Calabasas, Calif. are concerned that what could end up happening is the pop star’s attorney could work out a deal for the damage before a case is even filed, which means the 19-year-old could get restitution, maybe probation and “it’ll go away,” added the source.

But there’s one thing Biebs can rest easy about. Police tell CB! that there won’t be any additional charges against him in relation to the drugs found at his mansion yesterday.

Those charges fall entirely on his BFF, Lil Za (real name Xavier Smith), who CB! confirms was released on bond early Wednesday morning before 6 a.m. But not before racking up more charges even in custody.

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He may be “fine” now, Lil Za tweeted, but that wasn’t the case for Bieber’s roomie just hours before.

“He damaged a phone,” according to the source close to the case. “He was upset he wasn’t getting out fast enough. I don’t know if he knew then, but he does now, that he was 15 minutes from getting out. The bail bondsman was already there. So he was angry. It wasn’t fast enough for the young lad.”

Lil Za was put in handcuffs after a dozen sheriffs raided Biebs crib in search of evidence linking him to the egging of his neighbors house Jan. 9., only to find what they thought was cocaine in the rapper’s possession.

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However, our source says police now believe the narcotics are Molly and Xanax.

“It was thought to be cocaine at first because it resembled that,” added the source. “Initially, detectives that were there thought it was cocaine, but upon closer inspection they think it’s the other stuff.”

And the illegal drugs haven’t been connected to Bieber.

“This was in the possession of Lil Za. It was in his room, it was with his stuff,” said the source. “It wasn’t in a locked room so he couldn’t say ‘I slept here and didn’t know it was there.’”

And Biebs, who we’re told usually ducks inside when he sees the cops roll up to his property only to have his security deal with the intrusion, couldn’t close the door this time.

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“I talked at length to him. But he’s a 19-year-old kid who has too much money,” said another source at the scene. “I get that you’re upset, you’ve woken up only to have police in your house and it’s unsettling. But, unfortunately, I have control over your house and you have to calm down.

“He had to posture with all the people around him, the tatted-up wannabe rappers. Once he called down, I think he got it.”

Cops took the superstar’s security video for their tech crew to analyze and possibly enhance, Celebuzz was informed.

“Police will take what they have to the D.A. who may say the money amount is significant and this kid is terrorizing the neighborhood. Or it could go the other way,” said our source. “You can’t prosecute because it’s Justin Bieber and you can’t not prosecute because it’s Justin Bieber.”

Bieber did not undergo questioning by police at his home Tuesday and police doubt that he will provide any details, given his track record.

“We’ve never in all of our dealings with him had him say anything. His attorney has informed police before that Justin won’t be providing a statement. So we don’t expect this to be any different. It will be left to police to look for evidence.”

Our source adds the neighbors want this disturbing behavior to come to an end, and this could very well be the last straw.

“The neighbors up there are fed up with him. Just the parties alone,” said the source. “The neighbors aren’t comfortable with the crowd. It’s the friends, music, cars and people come and go as they please. There’s too much going on at the same house with the same complaints.

“The stuff that he’s doing just happens to be what’s happening at every college fraternity on a daily basis. The only difference is that he’s doing it in a neighborhood with prominent people who have spent millions of dollars to live there.

“He’s acting like a frat boy, but he’s not at a fraternity house.”