Lena Dunham Is On The Cover of Vogue

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Just days after being named to more than a few Worst Dressed lists at the Golden Globes (not ours however), Lena Dunham is on the cover of the Vogue. The Girls creator and actress, who thumbs her unconventional nose at Hollywood’s beauty requirements standards is featured on the February issue of the high-fashion magazine. Score or sell out? We’re not sure.

Here’s the cover:

Aside from giving us a total Woody Allen vibe, it is just head shot. But still, when was the last time a “normal” size person was on the cover of Vogue? Back in October, we reported that Vogue‘s High Priestess, Anna Wintour, had set her sights on the 27-year old award-winning actress/writer/director to pose for the haute couture glossy.

Wintour’s attempt to reach a new audience seems sort of transparent to me, but perhaps Lena’s acquiescence is an opportunity to expand our definition of the beauty role model. The fashion industry has a poor history of accepting beauty that does not fit a certain unrealistic “ideal.” But maybe this is a step in the right direction. What say you?

Vogue credits: Annie Leibovitz