OMG, Us Weekly Totally Has The Scoop on What Kate Middleton Did For Her Birthday


Because they pay close attention to detail on all matters royal, Us Magazine has scooped the scoop of scoops regarding the Duchess of Cambridge's 32nd birthday celebrations.

Kensington Palace never comments on the royals' private lives, so it was anyone's guess how Catherine spent January 9th.  Given that no one spotted her out with Prince William, it's a safe bet that she had a quiet dinner with her family at apartment 1A.

William is commuting from London to the University of Cambridge, where he's studying agricultural management through March.  Us reports that the Duke "returned home early" to fete his wife alongside her family - mom Carole, dad Michael, and her younger siblings, Pippa and James.

This story comes after E! reported a Carole sighting at a Whole Foods that day, who then headed the palace.

"She doesn't like a big fuss," a source told the magazine of Kate.  Asking their housekeeper Antonella Fresolone to "whip up a meal was easier than going out and leaving George at home."

Brilliant.  Thank you for explaining to us what Catherine may or may not have done for her birthday.

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    I'm sure Middleton had a nice quiet birthday because for New Year's Eve she went out to party and drink with her sister. William was not with them. Not very royal of her, especially as a new mother. Middleton the so-called "royal" left a baby at home so she could go drink - not so impressive. Locals said that she was "very jolly", meaning "drunk". I'll bet a few people at the palace said "put a lid on her" and they toned things down for her birthday. Middleton was always fond of drinking, and that's just from all the "had too much" photos of her that were taken over the years.