Elizabeth Banks Has 'Walk of Shame' from Hell in New Movie: Watch the Trailer

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Elizabeth Banks has been in A LOT of films since playing Steve Carell's fling in 2005's the 40-Year-Old Virgin. Most recently she was transformed into Effie Trinket for the Hunger Games films.

However, the 39-year old blonde actress had yet to headline a film until now. Banks stars inĀ Walk of Shame about a TV reporter whose day goes horribly wrong after having a one night stand with a guy she meets at a bar, played by the handsomeĀ James Marsden.

Banks stars as career-focused reporter Meghan Miles, whose friends convince her to let her hair down and go clubbing with them. After one too many shots, she ends up going home with James Marsden's character. When she gets a message from her boss that her big break might be hours away, she ducks out of Marsden's home to see her car being towed. Hijinks ensue as she tries to get home with no car, no wallet and no money.

The film premieres in April.




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