Joe Giudice Has a Few Requests Before He Takes the Stand for Fraud

Joe Giudice plans on protecting his reality star wife when it comes to the 41 counts of fraud the couple is facing at trial. And it’s clear he wants to get her off the hook.

In court documents obtained by Celebuzz, the legally troubled house-hubby claims Teresa Giudice had no knowledge of any alleged criminal activity in relation to the 41 counts of federal fraud against the couple and wants to testify to that effect. But only if he gets a separate trial.

Joe plans on invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination if they have a joint trial, which is set for April.

Joe’s legal eagles are arguing that he is entitled to his own trial to allow the mother-of-four to invoke her right to testify on her own behalf and allow her the right to choose not to testify against her husband.

“Without an order severing the trials, she is placed in the position of choosing to testify on her own behalf and against her husband, or not testifying at all,” per the docs.

Joe and Teresa Giudice keep their heads down leaving a New Jersey courthouse in Nov. 2013. Photo; Splash

But if there are two separate trials, he will testify about Teresa’s involvement (or lack thereof) in the alleged criminal activity.

This is what he plans on telling the court should he take the stand, according to the docs… and it’s pretty much what we expected he’d say all along:

- Teresa had no knowledge of any misrepresentation on loan and mortgage applications and lines of credit.

- Teresa was not aware that various properties and businesses were acquired in her name.

- Joe signed Teresa’s name on numerous occasions without her knowledge or permission.

- Joe’s former business partner signed Teresa’s name on docs, as did Joe’s attorney, again without her knowledge or authorization.

- And other people were aware that Teresa had not signed those docs.

The Housewives stars put on a happy face at a party in Florida last August, just one month after federal fraud charges were filed. Photo: Splash

The 43-year-old construction worker/pizza parlor owner would also like to make a few more requests on his behalf.

He wants the U.S. Attorney’s indictment dismissed with prejudice (translation: The case would be over forever and no further action could be taken) because the defense claims there is not one single conspiracy as the prosecution alleges.

Joe would also like for certain charges of wire and bank fraud dismissed. For example, the alleged fraudulent loan applications filed between 2001 and 2005 due to the expired statute of limitations.

His defense team is also demanding the prosecution disclose all discovery, including any evidence of other crimes Joe has allegedly committed that will be produced at trial (like reports by any witnesses, etc.)

The hot-heated TV husband also wants the prosecution to provide access to the grand jury transcript “in order to determine whether grand jury abuses led to his indictment.”

And, last but not least, he wants a separate hearing to review all Real Housewives of New Jersey takes and outtakes that attorneys plan on using against him to determine their “audibility and admissibility.”

Somehow we don’t think the feds are going to take this laying down. And another thing’s for sure, this doesn’t really look like it’s going to be a speedy trial.