Keira Knightley and Her Lovely Bone Structure Premiere ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’

Last night, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit premiered at the famed Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.  The film, dedicated to the late Tom Clancy, is unique in that it doesn’t follow a Clancy book.  Instead the movie explores Ryan’s origins.

Keira Knightley plays Ryan’s then-fiance, Cathy Muller, and had to put on an old-fashioned American accent for the role.

“I’m going to say it was not that difficult [to do] but if I get horrendous reviews for a horrendous accent, I guess it was more difficult than I thought,” Knightley said of speaking like a Yank.

Now, does she fancy Bridget Jones’ Diary Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver more?

“You’ve got to go with Mark Darcy,” she answered.  “Daniel Cleaver’s fun for a one night stand.”

I asked Kevin Costner, who plays Thomas Harper, how he prepared to play a CIA agent.

“The script was actually the most informative part of what I was going to have to do,” Costner told me.  “I start behind a desk, and I have to come out from behind it, and at some point, I have to become proactive.”

Costner was initially offered the role of Jack Ryan in 1990’s The Hunt for Red October, but turned it down to direct and star in Dances With Wolves.

“I had an opportunity, an obligation, something that I really wanted to do,” Costner said of the film that won him two Oscars.  “As much as I wanted to do October, I couldn’t.  I would have had to break my word.”

Gemma Chan was celebrating her first big studio flick.

“Because of the people involved, it was meant to be a good film,” Chan told me.  Though she’s used to filming independent movies, this was an exciting change.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opens nationwide this Friday.