Kylie Jenner Empathizes With Justin Bieber, Says Egg-Gate Is a Way for People to “Mess” With Singer

Bieber's Pal Speaks
Lil Za lashes out following police raid arrest.
Not all people are calling Justin Bieber a “f**king idiot.”

During a sit-down with E! News, Kylie Jenner threw her support for the often-criticized singer, telling interviewer Ken Baker that she feels people are attacking Bieber and that she relates to his plight.

“I feel strongly. Just because I know when we’re in positions like that,” Jenner explained. “And I just feel like people feel like they have the opportunity to, like, kind of mess with you just because of your status.”

“So, I don’t know, I feel strongly,” she continued. “What are you raiding his house for, to find eggs?”

Bieber’s Calabasas home was raided by the police this week to search for evidence in connection to an egg-throwing incident that may have caused damages ranging from $20,000 to $100,000. During the raid, Bieber’s friend, Lil Za, was arrested after he was found in possession of MDMA.

According to police Bieber’s celebrity status has nothing to do with the investigation.

“None of this has anything to do with him being celebrity,” police said during a press conference Tuesday. “We determined this was a felony crime that had evidence.”

“It is a felony crime. I get that it was done with eggs which makes you feel that it was at a lower-level crime.”