Shia LaBeouf Involved in Yet Another Bar Fight

Shia's Wild Ways
Co-star recalls time Shia LaBeouf did acid and got naked.
Not only does Shia LaBeouf plagiarize apologies, but he also has a knack of getting into fights.

Just a little over a year since getting into an altercation at South London’s Hobgoblin pub, the former Transformers star has involved himself in yet another scuffle at that very same bar.

TMZ has released video footage of LaBeouf head-butting a patron after what seems to be an explosive argument about his girlfriend’s mother. In the clip, the actor is heard shouting, “What are you saying about my girl’s mom? Are you f**king kidding me, bro?” before launching himself at a man outside of the pub. A girl — presumably the one with LaBeouf — is also heard screaming his name.

Besides the two incidents outside Hobgoblin, LaBeouf had previously been in another a fight outside a Vancouver bar in 2011. LaBeouf was also involved in a shouting match outside a Covent Garden restaurant last December, in which the actor threatened a fan, “I can get you killed.”

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