Ice Cube Will Only Let a Rich Man Date his Daughter

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I got the opportunity to chat with two of the coolest people around, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, about their movie together Ride AlongAs I  presumed they would, the two goofballs made me laugh throughout our entire interview.

Much of Ride Along is about  family members setting standards and forming judgments about the people we choose to date.  Kevin Hart (Ben) plays the boyfriend of Ice Cube’s (James) baby sister… And as you’d expect, James can’t stand Ben because he doesn’t think he’s good enough to date his precious lil’ sis.

I asked Ice and Kevin how this applies to their real lives and to what standards they hold the men who date their daughters.  Their answers cracked me up and will give you a good look into the humor that takes place in the film.  Launch the video above to check it out!

Make sure you catch Ride Along, in theaters today! It’ll have you laughing the whole way through… Promise!