Sorry to Ruin Your Friday But Jessica Biel Is Opening a “Soho House for Kids” Which Means the Rapture Is Definitely Coming

The Soho House is nightmare hellscape of a restaurant where people go exclusively to be spotted and spend $15 on cocktails. So obviously we need one just for kids. Right? Right.

Page Six reports that that’s what Jessica Biel is up to these days. Biel is set to break ground soon on the “children’s restaurant” in Santa Monica, it will be called Au Fudge because each detail about this story is required to be progressively more annoying. Biel apparently has a location in mind, and is right now seeking the necessary permits before she can begin construction.

In the Page Six item, a source describes the restaurant as “a place where A-listers would feel comfortable bringing their kids to dine and take part in cooking activities.” OH MY GOD I LITERALLY  CANNOT WITH THIS.

Best of luck to everyone involved in this ridiculous idea.

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