Joe Jonas Is Essentially a Taxi Driver Now

Joe's Confession
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He’s acted on TV, been in movies and sold out concerts. Now, Joe Jonas is embarking on his toughest assignment yet as a chauffeur-for-hire.

The singer, who presumably is now stacked with free time now that his band is dunzo, has been caught escorting Angelenos around town as an Uber driver. (For those unfamiliar with Uber, it’s essentially an app-based car service that connects people in need of a ride with available drivers.)

One fan, Lindsey Farwell, was lucky enough to get a lift from the former Disney star, tweeting out photo evidence of Jonas behind the wheel as he picked them up from a local Pinkberry:

Jonas reportedly drove a Mini Cooper and even accompanied his passengers inside to get frozen yogurt (which, according to Farwell, she paid for as a treat for her celebrity driver).

He’s actually funny as hell. At one point we noticed a homeless man, nearly naked and covered in filth, aimlessly meandering in the middle of the street,” Farwell’s co-worker — and Jonas’ other passenger — wrote of the experience on MySpace. “I jokingly suggested that we take him with us. Joe pulled over the car and politely asked the man if he wanted to join us for some Pinkberry, to which the homeless man responded with some incoherent jibberish.”

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