2014 SAG Awards: Best & Worst Dressed Stars

Ah, the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  Really the only ceremony where it's completely acceptable for actors to tell one another how great they are.  It's kind of like a televised convention with a black-tie dress code.

I have to admit that tonight's red carpet was full of gorgeous gowns.  In fact, I had a tough time selecting the best ones, and an even tougher time deciding whose was not so hot.

In the end, I made my choices.  Some you'll agree with, and some might make you hopping mad.



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  • Rose Vasquez
    Rose Vasquez

    Natalie Dormer shaved her head for her role on Mockinjay ... do your research better before commenting on someone's fashion.

  • Shelby Staudenmaier
    Shelby Staudenmaier

    This is not Amy Adams, this is Isla Fisher.

  • Stacey Grim Zappacosta
    Stacey Grim Zappacosta

    You just had Amy in the blue dress.... Who's this in #13? Isla Fisher maybe?

  • Kelly Weaver
    Kelly Weaver

    That isn't Amy Adams in the cream colored dress. Really people??