Kim and Khloe Kardashian Are Giving You Body in Dueling White Crop Tops

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It looks like someone has been digging through someone else's closet, because both Kim Kardashian and her younger sister, Khloé Kardashian, were snapped wearing what appears to be the exact same outfit. The question is, who wore it better?

Kim was spotted wearing the white knit sweater and matching skirt, both from the Calvin Klein Collection, on a dinner date last week with Kanye West. Khloe, on the other hand, shared the image of herself rocking the same duds just yesterday on Instagram.

She posted the photo along with the message, "Baby shower look thanks to @joycebonelli@jenatkinhair we cut my hair bitches!!!!"

Regardless of whatever fashion faux pas this whole situation may have caused within the Kardashian household, one thing is clear. Both ladies are serving some serious body nowadays. For reals, people pay for curves like those.

Question of the day

Which Kardashian sister rocked her white crop top better than the other?

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    • James Thompson
      James Thompson

      forget all this Kardashian crap !!! forget all this Kardashian crap !! forget all this Kardashian crap !!! forget all this Kardashian crap !!

    • Lucille McGillicuddy
      Lucille McGillicuddy

      Khloe looks fabulous! She should laugh/smile more as that pouted lip thing she and Kim does is the stupidest thing, and I wish they'd stop. Kim can't due to surgery.


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