Justin Bieber Marks His Territory… In Urine… In the Colorado Snow

Justin Bieber told his social media fans Monday that you could find him “shredding on the mountain.”

And, more than likely, you’ll also find him peeing on that same mountain.

Because there were obviously no mop buckets in sight, the pint-sized pop star (and his newly-grown porn ‘stache)…

Photo: Instagram

Unzipped on the slopes — because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

According to a gross pic on TMZ, while on a snowboarding trip in Snowmass, Colo., Bieber just couldn’t hold it any longer so he had his entourage of Escalades pull over in a tony residential nabe so he could unload.

Only the residents got a little more Biebs than they expected.

The 19-year-old urinated in the snow and left a little something, something behind. Because Biebs can’t seem to go anywhere without marking his territory, he peed his initials ‘JB’ into the fresh white powder for all to see and marvel at his cursive handywork.

Photo: Instagram

Needless to say, the residents were understandably a bit, well, pissed off.

But they have one thing to be grateful for — at least it’s not Biebs’ infamous, and much more permanent, graffiti art.