Sundance Film Festival 2014: See the Celebs Invade Park City

Most of the world typically views Hollywood through the climate controlled lens of Southern California. But around this time every year, for just about a week, Hollywood looks towards the mountains for its next big thing.

The Sundance Film Festival has become a part of the pop culture zeitgeist, because it produces winners. As we speak, Aaron Paul, Miles Teller, and Kristen Stewart, are bumping elbows with the likes of Robert Redford and Glenn Close in the hopes that their movies become the next Precious or Beasts of the Southern Wild. Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who just debuted his new show on Pivot, made time to share a moment with his former 3rd Rock from the Sun co-star John Lithgow.

Some are premiering their independent movies, others are just along for the ride. Whatever the case may be, they’re all having a good time despite the winter weather.