Adam Lambert Eyes This $2.4 Million Hollywood Hills Panty-Dropping Palace

Adam Lambert is ditching life as a renter in favor of homeownership.

The glam rocker has been browsing some pricey pads in the Hollywood Hills now that his high-rise digs are up for grabs as of Jan. 31 for a cool $6,000… so he recently went on a guided tour of this $2.4 million hillside retreat.

And CB! has the first inside pics.

Now that the American Idol alum is moving out of his small-ish 1,600 square foot 1-bedroom, 2-bath WeHo spread in just a few weeks, Celebuzz has learned, he needs a place to lay his perfectly coiffed locks, and by the looks of this place, it’s a secluded oasis with tons of lifestyle upgrades.

The gated 3,400 square foot starter home comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the heart of the L.A. hills. The nearly 1-acre lot has French doors that lead to magical gardens that surround the sparkling pool, canyon vistas, and a rocker must-have -- plenty of room for his pimped out rides with space for 10-plus cars.

Not to mention, the entire upper floor could be Lambert’s lair, considering it takes up the master suite with private balcony, dressing room and ridiculously large closet to keep his fierce fashion in pristine condition.

Go inside the pad in the CB! gallery above.



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  • Shelby Marquette
    Shelby Marquette

    Did he buy this house or does he still live in the other big beautiful house?

  • oofta

    To Rita Land, that is not true. Celebrities can shield their identities behind trusts and LLCs when buying real estate.

  • Rita Land
    Rita Land

    Can some of Adam fans be anymore embarrassing? Celebrity looking at and buying homes get reported on all the time. Any home Adam buys will be on public record for anyone to see. Please stop.

  • Barbara Schneier
    Barbara Schneier

    I'm sure if Adam was considering, he isn't now!

  • Dharmi Norton
    Dharmi Norton

    Lets be nice..yes we know, doesn't mean we can be rude to people, makes Adam look bad by you being rude fan. This article only promotes Adam's success (he ca afford close to 3 million dollar home, so its all good & positive. CALM UR SELF PEOPLE.

  • oofta

    What's exclusive about your story? Fans knew about this via an inappropriate tweet from a real estate agent Jan 13, so I'm sure Adam already passed on this gorgeous house, hopefully not because of the indiscreet seller's agent's tweet to Adam asking if he can help him and mentioning his visit to his open house. I hope Adam had already said no before the agent chose his own self interest over Adam's privacy. Same as you guys. I saw these pictures Jan 13, so what's exclusive about this story? I hope Adam didn't lose out enjoying this home for years because of people like you and that agent.

  • Lim Sovita
    Lim Sovita

    I love you <3 Adam Lambert <333333

  • Love Adam
    Love Adam

    Adam lambert is very perfect, lol, I love him so much:))))