Julia Louis-Dreyfus Stars in ‘The Award Show Whisperer’

This is a photo of Julia Louis-Dreyfus at last week’s Critics’ Choice Awards. She was there because the critics chose for her to be there, because she’s very good on her TV show, Veep. I guess you could, in some ways, call me a critic — “That book was an F-!” “Art sucks!” — and below you will find my choices for today’s winning captions.

“omg! Your hair smells so good, what do you use?!?” – Georgie

“This wine is hitting the spot.” – Jenipher

“Pretend I’m saying something funny” – Audrey

“So then I said, ‘Maybe the Dingo ate your baby’.” – Erika

“Let’s turnup tonight!!!!!! ” – Adriana

“Hey, if you see Seinfeld, tell him I’m looking for him.” - Calandra

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