INSIDE DETAILS: Justin Bieber Stays Hydrated In the Company of 6 Strippers in Miami

So we’re supposed to believe that Justin Bieber rocked up to the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami Monday night and was so parched he only requested H2O.

Riiight… well, other than staying hydrated, which explains the urine in the snow incident, he was also thoroughly entertained with the help of six stripper pals in the VIP area, CB! has learned.

“Our club request was to only seat him and his party of about 20 people upstairs in VIP section,” club operator Disco Rick told Celebuzz about the superstar’s appearance to toast Lil Scrappy’s b-day.

Apparently, according to Rick, the bar was closed so Biebs, who other than strip clubs allegedly has a penchant for eggs and sizzurp, could only order bottles of water… and he did just that.

Well, that’s good, because the whole underage thing could have really put a damper on the eventful evening.

But the 19-year-old Canadian crooner had other things to keep him occupied, like a private performance… or six!

“He also had about four to six King of Diamonds dancers dance for him as well,” Rick added.

And the club operator isn’t quite sure where the $75,000 that the pint-size pop star reportedly dropped on dancers came from — but, he says, that didn’t happen.

“He did not order or throw $75K at all, but he did tip the dancers with just larger bills that he had for their dance time in his section and tips for waitresses for the food service,” he said of Biebs’ generosity.

“But his money did come from his pocket only and not from KOD.”

And the visit was a quickie. Rick says Bieber only stayed for about an hour and left with a big smile… but, surprisingly, no dancers.

And his grin, according to Rick, came from JB’s favorite moment of the night watching the KOD Flying Angels.

What’s that, you ask?

Just watch below.