Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out After Learning ‘Homeland’ Spoiler on Red Carpet

2014 SAG Awards
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If you know what is good for you, do NOT give out TV spoilers in front of Jennifer Lawrence. Especially if it involves one of her favorite shows and one of her major crushes.

During a pre-Screen Actors Guild Awards interview, two Access Hollywood reporters spoiled the season three Homeland finale for Lawrence in front of Damien Lewis (the actor who plays Nicolas Brody) himself.

Lawrence and Lewis were being interviewed next to each other on the red carpet. Lawrence got extremely flustered when she noticed him, saying that Homeland was her favorite show, but that she had only seen the first two seasons.

The reporters then forced the visibly nervous Lawrence to meet Lewis and then proceeded to tell her that Brody died at the end of season three.

The reaction from Jennifer Lawrence following the news is priceless, the actress is visibly upset and we think it’s pretty genuine as she says: “I’m not mad. I feel like my heart just fell out.”

Watch the video below and check out her reaction.