Kanye West Talks Kim Kardashian, North West: “I’m Happy” to Have a Family

Hey, maybe Kanye West is actually following his new year’s resolution of “not talking sh*t.”

Showing off his softer side, Kanye West is opening up about life as a new dad in his latest interview with Interview magazine. Speaking about fiancee Kim Kardashian and their daughter, North West, the rapper admits that he’s still trying to adjust to fatherhood.

“I think I have to experience it for another few years to be able to give you an opinion,” he tells his interviewer, 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen. “It’s all brand new, how it feels to be a father. There are some things that I understand, certain things that I don’t understand, certain things that I like to get off my chest in interviews, certain things that I want to talk about. But when we talk about love, I don’t have an answer. All I can say is that I’m happy I have it.”

When the filmmaker asks West if he ever feels lonely, the rapper responds, “I’ve got my astronaut family. You know, becoming famous is like being catapulted into space—sometimes without a space suit. We’ve seen so many people combust, suffocate, get lost in all these different things. But to have an anchor of other astronauts and to make a little space family.”

“I wanted a family,” he adds. “So god gives you opportunities, and you make sacrifices for something that’s greater.”