Selena Gomez Doesn't Think She Has Found Her Musical Talents Yet

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Sure, she's got four albums under her belt, but Selena Gomez doesn't think she's that musical.

Speaking with the press while promoting Rudderless -- a film about father discovering his own musical talents-- at Sundance, the "Come & Get It" singer says she has yet to discover her own musical abilities. You know, despite having a No. 1 record and all.

"No, I'm actually serious," she says, as co-star Billy Crudup giggles beside her presumably from the sheer irony of it all. "I started music when I was 14. And I had like four No. 1 club songs before I was even allowed in a club. So I think that journey still kind of is happening for me."

"I've never really had the opportunity to share a lot of that side of myself through lyrical content," she explains. "So that's stuff that I get to explore later."

Despite continually trying to find her musical side, Gomez adds that she does feel the need to do focus on her acting career too.

"I was about to go on tour and I knew it was going to be a year long. I kind of get this panic attack when I know I'm not going to be on a set for a year. Just because I do love both a lot," she says.

"It felt good," she adds of taking a role in the William H. Macy-helmed movie. "It felt like I got to be just in that world and kind of step out of it all."



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  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    just if selena gomez or some one , was on my side just about the internet talk,s to her fan,s i will not be having this problem,s at all on line internet , im just hurtting my self to much , im so sick and falling , a,part every night , i did it what to hurt any one on line internet , im just hurtting my self to much ,

  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    just to selena gomez , yes to do have music talent ,the only problem was you should not walk away off stage like that , and by saying the f bomb to your fan,s on stage , david