Why We’re Convinced That Downton Abbey’s Lord Grantham is a Moron

I was talking with a co-worker recently about the dumb things Lord Grantham’s done on Downton Abbey.  It all began when we couldn’t understand why Robert would want opera singer Dame Nelli Melba to take dinner in her room.  Cripes, just let her eat with you guys and get your money’s worth!

Huffington Post summed it up beautifully:

Lord Grantham continues to be an insufferable jerk to everyone around him. His pretentious airs and refusal to acknowledge changing times have almost become the punchline of the show, such as when Cora reprimands her husband for allowing their guest — a world-class opera singer who has indeed been honored by the King — to dine alone in her room, because she is ‘beneath’ them class-wise. ‘Am I the only member of this family that lives in the 20th century?’ Cora asks the room.

Guess who then has a jolly time with Dame Nelli at dinner? This guy.

Ugh, just launch the gallery to see why we’re so over Lord Grantham.