Emma Stone Prevents the World From Seeing Her Smiling Face

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Why so shy Emma Stone?

Emma kept her mouth covered as she arrived at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA yesterday (January 21, 2014).

The casually dressed star of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was followed by a large group of fans holding posters as she made her way through the airport.

Even though the film is set to hit the big screen in the next three months, Emma’s boyfriend and co-star, Andrew Garfield was spotted filming a scene in abandoned and deserted railroad train tunnel in Brooklyn for the blockbuster this past Sunday (January 19, 2014).

Stone chatted with Total Film about her character in the film, Gwen Stacy, and how her character is different from Kirsten’s Dunst’s Mary Jane in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films.

When we asked her how many times Spider-Man saves her in the upcoming sequel, Stone replied: “Not many. I can think of one important instance.

“She saves him more than he saves her. She’s incredibly helpful to Spider-Man… He’s the muscle, she’s the brains.”

Stone adds: “I don’t get to do too many crazy stunts. She gets herself in the middle of stuff, that’s for sure! I do get webbed to a car. There’s shit like that.”

I was really hoping to see Gwen Stacy kick some major ass.

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