Justin Bieber Hangs With His Dad in Miami, Stays Out of Trouble for Five Minutes

Just days after revealing a bit more info than anyone needed about his inability to "hold it" in Colorado, Justin Bieber has moved on to Miami. While the Biebs reportedly spent a lot of money at a strip club with his friends Monday night, today the 19-year old trouble maker just chilled out with his dad, Jeremy Bieber on the beach and took a spin on a Segway. 

After a rocky 2013, Justin's new year has already been filled with drama. From Egg-gate to rapper Lil Za being arrested for drug possession at Bieber's home, the "Never Say Never" singer really needs to get himself sorted. A source told E! News, "Justin's team has been encouraging him to go to rehab for a while. He won't listen to his team. Perhaps his father's influence will prove to be a positive one?

To see photos of Justin and his dad Jeremy hangin' on South Beach, check out the gallery above.



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  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    Such a poser, that kid. It's obvious to me he gets into all this trouble purposely because he's a pretty boy who, let's face it, looks like a girl, and wants to prove he's a "man".

  • Ron Stone
    Ron Stone

    A born dork.