Ke$ha Tweets for First Time from Rehab: “This Is Really Hard and Necessary Work”

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Ke$ha is speaking out for the first time since entering rehab for an eating disorder Jan. 3.

The 26-year-old singer posted a message to her beloved followers on Twitter Wednesday with some hopeful, and honest, words.

Just a day before, someone who identified himself/herself as a “friend” of the “Timber” singer, took over her account because the star didn’t have Internet access from treatment (an inconvenient circumstance that has obviously changed as of today.)

“She says THANK YOU. SOOO MUCH. I’m overwhelmed to tears by all of the love, letters, and support!! I’ll be back soon and better than ever,” wrote the friend.

Although Ke$ha is nearing the 30-day mark when she could be released from rehab on Feb.3, her mom told CB! in an exclusive interview that her daughter could stay longer to continue on the path of recovery from bulimia — a long battle, adds her mom, that could have taken her life.

“She’s doing well,” said Pebe Sebert, who also since our interview joined her daughter in rehab. “This is going to be really hard for her. It’s been a part of her life for so long.

“She may not get out that soon. That could just be a starting point.

“I think it’s time for someone to stand up and say they’re going to kill themselves. Her blood pressure was so low. It’s serious stuff,” she added. “She wants to be a voice for this.”