Paul Wesley Braves the Cold in NYC, Reveals His Favorite ‘Vampire Diaries’ Episode

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The Vampire Diaries will be celebrating the show’s 100th episode on Thursday, Jan. 23, and Paul Wesley revealed to E! News what his favorite episode was.

The episode from season three, The End of the Affair, in which the show flashed back to the 1920s and Stefan was The Ripper.

Wesley said, “definitely my favorite episode would be the flashback to the 1920’s. Stefan as a ripper, his friendship with Klaus and all of those diabolical things that he did."

His favorite scene from the series was also featured in that episode. Wesley recalled, “where I made this guy drink his own wife's blood because that was just sick…twisted as they could be.”

Watch a clip from the episode below.

Launch the gallery to see pics of Paul Wesley braving the polar vortex in New York City.



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