Travis Barker and Carmen Electra Have a Dinner Date… But It’s Not What You Think

Are Carmen Electra and Travis Barker making sweet music together?

Well, kind of, but not in the rock romance way that you’re probably thinking.

The twosome were spotted at the Blink 182 drummer’s restaurant Crossroads in West Hollywood Tuesday night, leaving inquiring minds to wonder what’s really going on… besides the sexy singer’s far too revealing dress that left little to the imagination. (But we’re sure Barker wasn’t complaining.)

So CB! got to the bottom of the random celeb spotting.

“They’re not dating,” a source told Celebuzz.

But it’s not like Shanna Moakler’s ex hasn’t tried many times before.

“He’s been talking to her for over a year and asking her to come out, but she’s keeps avoiding him.”

Only this time it’s business, not pleasure.

“He invited her to his restaurant to talk about music because he wants to collaborate. And she finally said yes,” added the source.

Can you imagine a pop punk dance album between these two?… only time will tell.