It’s a Horse! It’s a Chessboard! It’s… Lady Gaga!

Hey, look, Lady Gaga might not be the best at, you know, releasing music videos or keeping it together on social media, but she is absolutely the best at looking amazing and bizarre and inspiring great captions.

“If u pick my nose ill let u touch my boob little man…” – Melissa

“only I can get away with curtain ties for hair” - Anna

“Yes u can play chess on my outfit. but u can’t play with my chest! eyes up here buddy” – Sythena

“smell my finger! It smells like Official Versace!” – Ashley

“My eyes, are up here dear…” – Samantha

“With your one wish, you are now Mayor of Munchkin Land… My little monster…!” – Dehanne

“Must be this tall to ride” – Jody

“And may the odds be ever in your favor!” – Sierra

“You stink! I should wash you with my hair mop!” - Jamie

“BOOP!!” – Wendy

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