The First Photos From Justin Bieber’s Arrest and Other Funny Things

Justin Bieber’s not having a very good day, but sometimes other people’s bad days are our good days. Take this photo, titled “The First Photo From Justin Bieber’s Arrest,” for example. I mean, hahahahahahaha. That was my response: hahahahahahaha. (Side note: being, predominately, a news site, I do feel compelled to stress that this photo is not actually of Justin Bieber’s arrest; it is simply what we like to call a humorous juxtaposition of words and an unrelated image. Or: a joke.) Anyway! The rest of today’s Celebrity Meme Roundup is very video heavy, which is rare for us, but it’s also good! Who doesn’t love parody videos of Mean Girls, Beyoncé videos, and (still, somehow) Miley Cyrus“Wrecking Ball.”

First up, more internet reactions to Justin Bieber’s arrest. Do we sense a theme?



The newest Saturday Night Live cast member, Sasheer Zamata, proves that she was a wise choice with this hilarious sketch, entitled “Girls Tour.”

One of our favorite new Beyoncé songs, “***Flawless,” gets the perfect parody:

Speaking of parodies, nothing is timelier than a Mean Girls parody starring cats:

Are you getting sick of parodies? Certainly you’re not sick of “Wrecking Ball” parodies, right? Well, Ron Jeremy has a good one. And hopefully it’s the last one.

Lastly, our friends at Vulture dug up a few parodies of Her, the first of which subs in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s voice for Scarlett Johansson’s:

“Her” trailer plus Philip Seymour Hoffman from Richard Trammell on Vimeo.

And then, Her’s Samantha is replaced with Sex and the City’s Samantha:

And what if Her was… Him?

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, folks! See you next week! Or, you know, probably before then, because I work full time, because I am a responsible adult.