Here’s a Really Awkward, Non-Condom Related Moment Brought to You By Zac Efron

Who says you need a pack of Trojans to make things weird on the red carpet?

Zac Efron, who once accidentally dropped a condom in front of photographers at a Hollywood event, proved that awkwardness comes in many forms Wednesday night when he was interviewed by Fox News at the premiere for his latest movie (aptly titled That Awkward Moment).

When the reporter asked the former High School Musical star for his “point of view on living, loving and dating,” the 26-year-old raised an eyebrow and asked, “Sorry, what?” After the interviewer laughed it off and clarified his question, Efron made a face and curtly replied, “Watch the movie.”

The interviewer later stated that he felt some unwarranted “hostility” from the actor.

See? Awkwardness ensued and not one condom was in sight.