INSIDE DETAILS: Amanda Bynes Checks In to Fitness Retreat to Lose 5 Pounds and Get Healthy

Amanda Bynes is determined to start the New Year working on the new her.

The recently-rehabbed star checked into Miracles Fitness Retreat in Sandy, Utah for a week-long intensive workout therapy, and CB! has all the inside details.

“She wanted to work out and get in better shape,” owner Austan Torson told Celebuzz, adding that the actress researched the resort on her own to partake in the jumpstart fitness program. And she was willing to pay big bucks to see results — to the tune of $3,250 for seven days.

“Obviously, after everything she’s been through, she wanted to tone up, get in better shape and revitalize her health.”

And that meant shedding some weight. But for the 27-year-old who has admitted to battling anorexia and body image issues and completed treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, that meant taking it step by step.

“She wanted to lose five pounds,” Torson said, adding that she followed a strict plan complete with private chefs, healthy cuisine, personal trainers, and medically supervised programs.

“We had some pretty deep discussions and I had a lot of one-on-one time with her and from my perspective I got to know her pretty well,” he said.

“We worked with her on her conditions and she’s altered a lot of that and recognized that wasn’t helping her.”

The Hairpsray star also took part in plenty of activities, including Zoomba, yoga, pilates and racketball – for not one, not two… but six hours a day!

“She is at her peek condition right now. And she met her goal,” said Torson.

“She loved training with our fitness director. It’s called ‘hit training’, high intensity interval training and our most intensive workout.”

But Bynes’ live-in stay didn’t come without some apprehension.

“I was a little bit concerned in the beginning, I have to admit. And I told her that,” Torson confessed. “We’re working out six hours a day and for most of our clients it’s hard to get up in the morning. And I was concerned she wouldn’t get up, but she came to every workout class, every lecture and every meal.

“She was very interactive with people, friendly and super nice,” he added.

“She’s over come a lot of challenges. To me, she didn’t seen to have that many issues. She had a good head on her shoulders.”

And her comeback year didn’t end when she checked out Jan. 12. Bynes has also just started fashion school classes at FIDM in Los Angeles.

“She said she wanted to come back after her first semester of school.”