Lil Za Wants Us All to Know Something About His BFF Justin Bieber

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Doesn’t Lil Za have enough to worry about when it comes to his own run-ins with the law?

Well, because real homies stick together, he’s decided to prolong his 15 minutes of fame by adding his name to Justin Bieber and Chief Khalil‘s recent mix of legal woes.

But we’re sure he’s just glad his BFFs have finally taken the heat of the spotlight off him.

The 19-year-old wannabe rapper, who was arrested for drug possession last week when Bieber’s Calabasas home was raided by cops in connection with the egg-throwing incident, is pleading with Beliebers and non-Beliebers to let his friends “free” after they were arrested on multiple charges, including a DUI and drag racing, in Miami Thursday.

And if we think Biebs and his crew are just rich ruffians who are up to no good, well, we’re all wrong. He says drugs and alcohol aren’t a “game” to be toyed with…

“We don’t take it as a joke. It’s not a game. Free bizzle. Free Kalfanzo,” he wrote via Instagram Thursday alongside colorful graffiti art on a skate ramp as a symbol of the besties undying love for skateboarding and spray-painting, which has also gotten them in trouble.

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But by “free” what, pray tell, does he mean? — from their handcuffs, from the shackles of fame and fortune, or from the wrath they’ll surely face from the public and the press?

Well, Biebs is already out of jail and waving to his fans atop his SUV while looking contrite and somber in a black hoodie and sunglasses over his head, so the handcuffs are a thing of the past… at least for now.

Photo: INF

But the other two obstacles will undoubtedly still be a challenge.

Justin “Bizzle” Bieber and Chief “Kalfanzo” Khalil posed up for the camera two months ago. Photo: Instagram

Before they mugged for police in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Photo: Miami Beach Police