NEW PIC: Justin Bieber Is All Smiles in His Mug Shot

Justin Bieber can now add his name to the celebrity mug shot Hall of Fame.

The pretty boy pop star’s police photo has just been released by Miami Beach Police… and it’s not pretty.

It’s obvious Bieber probably had a long night by the looks of his pale skin, less-than-perfectly-coiffed mane, and dark circles. But on the bright side, he sure does look happy to be behind bars.

This is what Celebuzz knows about the 19-year-old’s Miami arrest Thursday.

- Police noticed two sports cars drag racing on Pine Tree Drive around 4 a.m.

- One red Ferrari, reportedly driven by rapper Chief Khalil was pulled over, while Bieber’s yellow Lamborghini continued north.

- Another officer was able to stop Biebs, confronted him and smelled a strong odor of alcohol, police stated at a press conference this morning.

- He was not cooperating with the officer’s instructions when police asked him to exit the car and questioned why he was being stopped.

- Ultimately, he did step out of the vehicle, but still did not follow instructions and was placed under arrest for resisting without violence.

- According to the police report, Bieber told the officer that he was not drunk and that he was coming back from recording music at the studio.

- The officer noticed Bieber had a “flushed face, bloodshot eyes and the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.”

- He was given a field sobriety test. He later agreed to a breath test and drug evaluation.

- During the DUI investigation Bieber told police he consumed alcohol, had been smoking marijuana and consumed prescription medication.

- He has already been transported to Miami Dade corrections, police tell CB!.

- Once at the station he was “very cooperative.”

- Bieber is being charged with DUI, invalid driver’s license out of Georgia, and resisting arrest without violence.