Spanx Are The Modern Day Corset, Which Means They Will Crush Your Insides

Bad news for those of those of you who count wearing Spanx as exercise.  Huffington Post spoke to a gastroenterologist, dermatologist and chiropractor about the dangers of those spandex-sucky-in undergarments that hold together your wobbly bits.

Wearing restrictive shapewear can compress your stomach, intestine and colon, which gastroenterologist Dr. Kuemmerle says can “worsen acid reflux and heartburn.”  What’s more, the shapewear can also stifle your digestive tract, leading to gas and discomfort.  The damage isn’t permanent, but it’s a total buzzkill.

Have you felt numbness or a tingling sensation while wearing your shapewear?  Yeah, that’s not normal.

“It’s like putting these giant rubber bands around your upper thighs and tightening them when you sit,” chiropractor Dr. Erickson told the site.  This can lead to poor circulation and blood clots.

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