Hugh Hefner Likes What He Saw, Wants Margot Robbie To Pose for ‘Playboy’

Stars Posing for Playboy
Which icons have showed skin in Hugh Hefner's magazine?
After seeing Margot Robbie go full-frontal in The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugh Hefner is S-O-L-D.

“I was very aware of that!” Hefner joked when asked about the scene by Us Weekly at Playboy’s 60th anniversary bash.  He added that Robbie, 23, “is very, very pretty.

She should be in Playboy! Send her a message!” Hefner, 87, said.  “We’re ready for her. She would be great.”

The Australian native told Celebuzz that she took “three shots of tequila at 9 in the morning” before shooting that scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.

“They just lit me nicely, and oiled me up,” adding that there was no secret to looking as good as she did.

“Just don’t come to me for dieting advice,” Robbie joked.