Justin Bieber Should Have Gotten Jail Time, Says Lance Bass

Justin Bieber's pal defends the troubled singer.
To Lance Bass, Justin Bieber’s $2,500 bail for his DUI arrest wasn’t a big enough punishment.

According to the “Walking on Air” singer, Bieber “needs a little reality check” — even if it means sending him to the lockup to ensure that the lesson sinks in.

“I wish he could get a little jail time just so that he could know that, ‘Oh my God. I’m am human,'” he told Celebuzz at the Delta Airlines Pre-Grammy party Thursday night, adding that he does understand the pressures Bieber is facing as a former teen star himself. “He doesn’t know what reality is, especially because he surrounds himself with people that tell him yes all the time and there’s no one telling him no.”

“I was in a group of guys that would slap me down Earth if I did anything stupid like that,” he said, referring to his band, ‘N Sync, as the thing that kept him in check when he was growing up in the spotlight. “I was lucky to have four best friends around me.”

The former boy bander continued that Bieber, as a solo artist, may have a tougher time finding those who can steer him in the right direction.

“Looking at Lindsay [Lohan] and Britney [Spears] and these solo people, it’s way harder,” he explained. “You don’t know who’s being real or not.”

Prior to his arrest, Bieber was reportedly speeding down a road in Miami when the police noticed his entourage blocking off streets in order to let the singer drag race with his rented Lamborghini. Bieber’s pal, R&B singer Khalil Sharieff, was also arrested the same night for street racing.