Justin Bieber’s Grandfather and Former Stepmom Speak Out Following His DUI Arrest

Justin Bieber’s bad boy antics have prompted ongoing international vitriolic criticism — from Biebs’ photog run-ins, nightclub melees, monkeying around, egg-throwing raids, drug busts, and his latest drag racing DUI arrest.

But before the troubled teen idol started comparing his legal plight and struggling image to the King of Pop, he was just the clean cut Canadian boy next door… and his family chooses to remember him like that.

In fact, his grandfather only has a few short, but telling, words of support for his 19-year-old superstar grandson in case he’s reading this.

“I love my grandson,” George Bieber told Celebuzz in reaction to the superstar’s DUI arrest.

These sentiments may actually come as a surprise, considering the elder Bieber told the New York Daily News last April that the 19-year-old heartthrob “got too big for his britches” and “doesn’t care” that his grandparents live near poverty and his grandmother works in a factory in Canada just to make ends meet.

However, George says those words were taken out of context, adding to CB!, “I don’t need his money.”

Justin’s former stepmom Erin Wagner, whose children Jazmyn and Jaxon are Justin’s half-siblings, was far less diplomatic about the media’s reaction to JB’s DUI arrest in Miami Thursday morning.

“Shame on the media like @TMZ for harassing our whole family! Shame on you for running articles of my children! Let us rest!” she write via Twitter.

But she ended her rant on a much lighter note.

“I want to thank you all for your love and support! ❤️”