Lady Gaga Supports Justin Bieber, Or At Least His ‘Beliebers’

Justin Bieber's pal defends the troubled singer.
While Justin Bieber has received a lot of Internet heat for his DUI and drag racing arrest, at least one high-profile celebrity has shown her support for the 19-year old beleaguered pop star. Lady Gaga reached out to her ‘little monsters’ yesterday to support Bieber’s fans as they grapple with the singer’s ongoing troubles.

Gaga posted a message of support on her Little Monsters web site:

While speculation has run rampant that Justin is abusing drugs and alcohol (specifically “sizzurp” or cough medicine laced with Codeine), the ArtPop singer has admitted she too has battled with addiction issues, which might account for her empathy with Bieber’s plight.

Not all celebs have been so forgiving or understanding, however. Seth Rogen, who couldn’t be more vocal of recreational pot use (another Bieber drug of choice) tweeted:

Of course, we’re not just talking about underage drinking or the occasional spliff here.  Justin Bieber was drunk drag racing; putting himself and many other in grave danger with his reckless decisions.

I think the best thing for him could be a wake-up call of actual jail time. If he merely gets a slap on the wrist (like say his $2,500 bail), who knows when or how the Canadian singer will “bottom out.”

For his part, Biebs seems to be taking it all in stride. He waved to his fansafter being released from jail yesterday, and was spotted chillin’ in a Miami villa while his starstruck, supportive fans waited outside for a glimpse of the “As Long As You Love Me” singer. Launch the gallery to see the photos.