Grammy Awards 2014: Worst Dressed Stars

In my opinion, the most interesting part of the Grammy Awards isn't who takes home Best ___ , but who showed up looking like a hot mess.  Like death and taxes, we can pretty much guarantee that a handful of celebrities will wear something so dreadful that it's talked about for days.

Let's cut the chatter and get right to the good stuff.  Launch they gallery to pick up what I'm throwing down.



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  • Trinidad Bm
    Trinidad Bm

    what is her name?_

  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    Some of these people, I can't even figure out why they're at the Grammys at all. Nadeea, Zandaya - who are these people? And Paris Hilton hasn't been famous for going on a decade now. All of these awards shows are a joke.