Justin Bieber’s Alleged Drag Race Was Caught on Video in All of Its Low-Speed Glory

Justin Bieber was arrested late last week for several things, the most buzzed about though was he alleged drag racing. Well, there’s some newly discovered surveillance video featuring all of the power players, but some things just aren’t adding up anymore.

CBS4 in Miami got their hands on the video first, which appears to be just before Bieber and his friend Chief Khalil were arrested early Thursday morning. You can clearly see the yellow Lamborghini that Bieber was driving, the red one Khalil was behind the wheel of, and what appears to be an SUV that may or may not be Justin’s own security.

Up to a point, the video corroborates the initial police report, which claimed that “the vehicles were all traveling in a pack.” What it doesn’t capture though is any moment when the two Lamborghini’s were side-by-side, preparing for their drag race.

“There was other traffic beginning to back up… it appeared that the sports cars were preparing for a drag race,” according to the report. “It appeared to me that they were holding traffic to allow an open road for a race… I heard the engines begin to race as the vehicles took off,” said the officer, which he estimated at 55 to 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Whether or not this video tells the whole story is yet to be seen, but TMZ broke the news yesterday that the company Justin rented the car from has contradicted claims he was speeding. They apparently have GPS systems installed in the vehicles that can also register speed and claim he never broke 30 MPH at the time of his arrest. There are also claims that Justin’s blood alcohol level was no where near how high it was recorded in the police report.