Sharon Osbourne Had A Massive Pre-Grammy Blow Out with Jonah Hill’s Brother

Has no one learned from the ham incident? Apparently Jonah Hill’s brother hasn’t, because he walked away from last night’s Pre-Grammy Gala with a wet dress shirt thanks to the one and only Sharon Osbourne.

Before you ask, we aren’t sure what started the argument, but E! is reporting that Sharon confronted Jordan Feldstein last night after her daughter, Kelly Osbourne, had already had words with the music mogul. Feldstein is Hill’s older brother and also happens to be a pretty succesful manager in the world of music, one of his clients being Maroon 5.

The argument must have escalated quickly, because it evolved from finger pointing to water throwing in no time.

And although Sharon looked pretty upset at that point in the evening, she and her family, including legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne, seemed to be having a very nice time celebrating with the other music royalty in attendance.