The Pre-Grammy Gala Has Officially Divided Music’s Biggest Night in Two

If you’re waiting until tonight’s ceremony to get a glimpse of the biggest night in music, wait no longer. The biggest power players in the industry, from Miley Cyrus to Clive Davis and Smokey Robinson, were all out and about last night for a pre-Grammy party that could also be described as the best concert we’ll never be invited to.

As they tend to do, the stars walked the red carpet, smiled for pictures, and reveled in each others awesomeness.

And I’m starting to think that my unnatural obsession with Jessie J has started to pay off in a big way, because the songstress from across the pond took video inside the event! She basically invited the world into the party and only the smartest among us, who also happen to like her on Facebook, joined in.

Among the performances, the best include Miley wreckin’ that damn ball all over the place, an R.Kelly tribute to Nelson Mandela, and the one and only Lorde.

So pick your poison and enjoy the pre-party to end all pre-parties. And remember, our Grammy coverage begins in just a few short hours. You don’t want to miss a thing or you’ll be hating yourself tomorrow.