Ariana Grande Calls Justin Bieber the Most “Isolated Human Being” She’s Ever Met

Before getting a little flustered last night at the Grammys, Ariana Grande spoke to Boston’s Mix 104.1 about Justin Bieber’s arrest.

“I think it’s really serious. I’ve seen tweets of people making fun of the mugshot and all this stuff, and it’s so ignorant,” Grande said. “It’s gotten to a point where I just want him to be okay. It’s this very serious thing. It’s not just like a kid who’s, you know screwing around, it’s dangerous. It’s very serious and upsetting.

“I just think it’s a serious thing,” she continued. “And I don’t think it’s something to make fun of anymore. I don’t think it’s funny anymore.

“I mean you could throw an egg at a house. Who the hell cares. Just shut up. That was annoying – don’t search somebody’s house.  But it’s just the health part that is concerning to me, because he’s a great person and a very talented boy, and I want the best for him.

“He’s the most visible and yet isolated human being I’ve ever met,” she added.

Rapper Khalil, who raced against Bieber on Thursday, spoke out for the first time since his arrest.

They’ll try & paint whatever image of u that they want,” Khalil wrote on Instagram.  “God has blessed us so much & put us in these positions to inspire people & help change the world. Soon they’ll know whats truly in our hearts.”