Buttcats: The New Designer Pets Created Especially for Celebrities Like Ian Somerhalder

Regular cats are old news! The new news is BUTTCATS! But being a lowly non-celeb, you probably can't afford one single buttcat. Someone like Ian Somerhalder, though, can probably afford, like, six buttcats! #LifestylesOfTheRichAndFamous #Cats #Buttcats #Butts #IanSomerhaldersButt #TodaysWinningCaptions:

"Something's fishy!?!" - Franke

"I smell a rat." - Paulline

"This is a cat asstrophy." - Patty

"'HERE KITTY, KITTY.... I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!!!' (AND THEN....poof (farts) the kitty is gone) A magic trick in the making..." - Christine

"A little lickin before the stickin!!!!!!!" - Lindsey

"It's not nice when u see your cat doing crack!!!" - Rhonda

"I will guard your most important asset while you work." - April

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  • sherry19

    This has got to be one of the most cutest pictures ever :-)