WATCH: Find Out How Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt Got Grammy-Ready Using YouTube

Sunday night was a boy band party for one.

Kendall Schmidt left his Big Time Rush bandmates at home to check out the Grammys for the first time. And a solo trip down the red carpet meant turning up the fashion factor, which earned him style points from his mom.

“Being in a boy band you can imagine you collect a lot of clothes, so these are actually things I’ve never worn,” Schmidt confessed to CB! on the red carpet Sunday night.

The 23-year-old was so determined to compete with all the Grammy flash, he turned to an expert for help… only it’s not what you may think.

“I learned this all on YouTube,” he said of his bow tie look. “There’s a British guy who taught everyone — 2.5 million views! Evidently, I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie.

“My mom approved,” he added. “I texted her a photo and she said ‘I’m very proud of you.’”

Find out what blond heiress Kendall hoped to party with and which teen idol he was texting before the show in the CB! video above.

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