WATCH: Jesse McCartney On Partying with Puffy and Justin Bieber’s Arrest

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Jesse McCartney’s got the acting and singing thing down to a science. But who knew he was such a fashionisto at heart.

And he showed CB! his passion for fashion on the Grammys red carpet.

“I’ve always been interested in fashion and what’s at the forefront,” he told us in his bold Givenchy floral shirt and Margiela suit on music’s biggest night.

“I’ve grown up loving it. It goes hand in hand with the Grammys. It’s always exciting to see who’s performing, but also what everyone is wearing,” McCartney told Celebuzz.

Besides anticipating Madonna, Paul McCartney and Bey and Jay take the stage, the 26-year-old “Back Together” crooner was already ready for the after-parties… and hanging with his friend Puff Daddy. (Yes, you heard right, they’re buds).

And when you have a music mogul mate like Diddy it’s all about caviar, stogies, and bubbly, of course.

“It wouldn’t be a party on Grammy week if you didn’t go to Puffy’s party,” he said. “He’s a great guy and a lot of fun… I think a lot of cigars and champagne, that’s how he does it.”

But another music icon noticeably absent from the Grammys this year was Justin Bieber, who after his DUI arrest headed to Panama to escape the media glare. McCartney, who shot to stardom as a 16-year-old on the hit show Summerland, only has empathy for the Biebs.

“With someone with that magnitude of stardom it’s gotta be tough and it’s hard to be a teenager and make mistakes without everyone after him for it,” he said. “I think we all learn. I know I did a lot of stupid things in my teenage years. It’s something you learn from and I’m sure he’ll com out of it just fine. He’s a great talented kid and I wish him all the best.”