Lana Del Rey Sings ‘Once Upon a Dream’ in New ‘Maleficent’ Trailer

Angelina Films 'Maleficent'
Check out Angie doing stunts on set.
Not many singers can say Angelina Jolie personally requested they sing the title track to their next film, but 27-year old Lana Del Rey has that distinctive honor.

Angelina stars as the title character in Disney’s upcoming Maleficent, the dark untold tale of the villainess from Sleeping Beauty. The film co-stars Elle Fanning as Aurora, the young girl caught in the crossfire of  Maleficent’s (“Mistress of All Evil”) wrath.

Angelina and the film’s producers felt Lana was the perfect choice “to breathe new life into an old classic,” a source told the Mail on Sunday Indeed, the American pop singer’s breathy rendition seems the perfect fit for the ethereal ballad. Check out the new trailer, which debuted during last night’s Grammy Awards broadcast. The complete song is available for free download at Google Play.


Maleficent opens in theaters May 30th.