Watch Taylor Swift Go from Thinking She Won to Realizing She Lost Album of the Year

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has plenty of practice at winning awards, but she's never really lost anything; life has been good to America's favorite Christmas tree farmer. Until last night, when Taylor Swift went home from the Grammy Awards empty-handed. Down to the last award of the night, Album of the Year, Swift really thought she'd take home the prize. And as Daft Punk is announced as the winner, you can see Swift's face go from her usual surprise face to a new one: the face of disappointment.

Taylor :(



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  • Bmonster McCarthy
    Bmonster McCarthy

    Wtf is with these wanks practically jumping out of their seats?! You'd think someone just released a badger into the audience. You people make waaaaayyyy to big of a deal out of these silly ego-stroking award shows.

  • Bmonster McCarthy
    Bmonster McCarthy

    Priceless! Her conceited ass for sure thought she was going to win another trivial award. The guy next to her nearly had a stroke, then dropped the f-bomb.

  • Estrellita Beltran
    Estrellita Beltran

    Whatever. I love her regardless. No one liked to lose. She just reacted like anyone else did. She just didn't catch herself and hide her reaction.

  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller

    Taylor you can;t win them all you will get one the next time. Just be happy with the ones you have.