Did Harry Styles Just Cryptically Confess To Flashing Us His Bare Ass?

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While most of us were trying to get through the slog that was the Grammy Awards Sunday night, One Direction fans were having a field day on Twitter after a photo of singer Harry Styles allegedly peeing in the bushes with his pants down began circulating amongst realm of the fandom.

The photo in question, which was tweeted out last November but didn’t gain traction until this weekend, showed someone resembling the British heartthrob pulling a Justin Bieber, flashing the camera his bare ass as he urinated on public property.

Though Styles didn’t necessarily confirmed that the photo was real, the “Best Song Ever” crooner cryptically tweeted one bootylicious reference that make it as if he was the cheeky bugger behind the, well, behind.

Needless to say, the world is now demanding answers — including Sir Mix-A-Lot himself after his name was dragged into the conversation.

Um, baby get back to us?

In the meantime, here’s a shot of Styles’ butt for comparison, courtesy of bandmate Zayn Malik.