Heidi Klum and Martin Kirsten Have Broken Up

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Heidi Klum and her bodyguard/boyfriend Martin Kirsten have gone their separate ways after more than a year of dating, People magazine was the first to report.

When Heidi Klum and Seal split up back in January 2012, the world collectively scratched its head. These two? The ones that coordinate their Halloween costumes and renew their vows each year in romantic Mexico? No, it can’t be. And then when the dust settled, Klum, 40, started dating her bodyguard, Martin Kristen. This set off a whole bunch of drama with Seal insinuating Heidi wasn’t faithful when she decided to “fornicate with the help.” But, the two eventually ended their union amicably and share custody of their four children.

For the past year, Heidi and Martin were seen vacationing together, watching Heidi’s kids play soccer and generally being all loved up. But, no more. A friend close to Klum told the magazine, “Martin was there for her (Heidi) during a challenging time in her life and it was something she will always be grateful for.”

Maybe Heidi and Seal will get back together a la Liz and Dick, Pam and Rick and all the other legendary couples who gave it another go.